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I bet you didn't expect this

THiS Page engineered buy THE webnancy himself...LOOSEcANNOn.  Bitch here





  Remember, like everything at the ND , this was just another random act of violence.


Hi! I'm a LIVE online agent with uBid.

To thank you for your bid, I'd like to send you a certificate book with up to $600 dollars in grocery coupons!

Just type HI or HELLO in the space below, and I'll be right with you...

System: Alissa enters.

Alissa says: Whenever you are ready say 'Hi' or 'Hello'

Alissa says: Just let me know you are listening...

Visitor says: huh?

Alissa says: Are you with me?

Visitor says: maybe

Alissa says: Hi there! With your successful bid, you qualify for a special offer today...

Alissa says: We'll send you a certificate book worth up to $600 in grocery coupons along with a FREE 30-day trial membership to the QuestSavers program.

Alissa says: With QuestSavers, you save up to 50% off retail store prices on thousands of brand-name items like Nike, Pioneer, and GE…as well as huge savings on dining, movies, theme parks, travel and health services…

Alissa says: After the free trial, if you decide to stay with the program, QuestSavers will bill the credit card you've provided for the monthly membership fee of only $8.95.

Alissa says: You can cancel your trial membership at any time during the 30 days, and not only will you owe NOTHING, but you'll get to keep the $600 in coupons too!

Alissa says: So, with your approval, we'll send your FREE certificate book and free trial membership okay?

Visitor says: ok the deal is i will if you have a sexy voice and ...

Alissa says: What?

Visitor says: can tell me the location of the WWND Industries

Visitor says: the web page is www.wwnd.com

Alissa says: Never heard of WWND Indusrtries

Visitor says: you have never heard, wow

Visitor says: there huge

Visitor says: there like one of the biggest businesses out there

Visitor says: they got there hands in everything

Alissa says: LIke what

Visitor says: everything

Alissa says: How do they make $$

Visitor says: plus the founders are really cute

Alissa says: lol

Visitor says: from all there products

Visitor says: plus they just opened a new part

Visitor says: Nd labs

Visitor says: some crazy stuff on there

Visitor says: check them out

Visitor says: www.wwnd.com

Alissa says: I am looking right now,

Visitor says: i just wanna know were their hq is

Alissa says: there is a lot to take in

Alissa says: I don't know where to start

Visitor says: no one ever does

Alissa says: Do you work for them?

Visitor says: you got me, sexy

Visitor says: im the founder

Alissa says: nice

Visitor says: The Nick

Alissa says: what do you do?

Visitor says: Founder CEO and night janitor

Alissa says: ha ha

Alissa says: Is it a mag

Visitor says: well maybe

Visitor says: soon

Alissa says: What exactly is it

Visitor says: the greatest business to ever exist

Alissa says: Where are you located?

Visitor says: worldwide

Visitor says: everyfuckingwhere

Alissa says: Any online positions?

Visitor says: oh yes

Alissa says: Santa Barbara, Ca here

Alissa says: What do you offer?

Visitor says: um lets see

Visitor says: the best job you will ever have

Visitor says: and you can choose what you wanna do

Alissa says: ???

Visitor says: you can be V.P. of aything you want

Alissa says: What does it pay?

Visitor says: its stated on the application

Visitor says: alright

Visitor says: and this conversation can be counted as an interview

Alissa says: On the web site?

Alissa says: Nice

Visitor says: why you dont like this job?

Alissa says: I can always do more

Visitor says: what can be better than offering 600 bucks worth of coupons

Alissa says: No kidding

Visitor says: must be very fulfilling

Alissa says: lol

Visitor says: see you could do something like this for us

Visitor says: promoting the anti pants movement

Alissa says: right on

Visitor says: part of our community service shit

Visitor says: cause pants are the enemy

Visitor says: i bet your sick of wearing pants now arnt you

Alissa says: Sometimes

Visitor says: wishing you could do this job with no pants

Visitor says: but the MAN says you have to wear pants

Visitor says: well screw the MAN

Visitor says: (only if he is cute)

Visitor says: and set your self free sister

Visitor says: take off your pants and offer those coupons

Visitor says: 600 bucks worth

Visitor says: you life will be better if you offer 600 bucks worth of coupons with no pants

Alissa says: Already did

Alissa says: :-)

Visitor says: PRAISE THE NICK

Visitor says: now i bet this is the longest conversation you have had at this job

Alissa says: It's up there

Visitor says: cause i know most people are like fuck off

Visitor says: or im to young for coupons

Visitor says: or unless there is porn coupons im not interested

Visitor says: or the occational

Visitor says: what you wearing

Alissa says: To each is their own

Visitor says: cause i understand

Visitor says: the font you have chosen is very sexy

Visitor says: it must drive these online pigs up a wall

Visitor says: and why am i a visitor still, i feel so close to you

Alissa says: I have to go now nick, it's been enlightening talking to you.......

Alissa says: Don't give up....

Visitor says: it has

Visitor says: remember

Visitor says: if you want a job

Visitor says: fill out an app

Visitor says: and email it to me, contact address is on the site

Visitor says: and have a nice day

Alissa says: will do

Visitor says: remember communism is the answer

Visitor says: to everything