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Agent Eze

Take that fucker!!!

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  TurkeyJiz190 [11:48 PM]:  hye 
BOOMER 1A [11:48 PM]:  hey
TurkeyJiz190 [11:49 PM]:  why
BOOMER 1A [11:49 PM]:  why what?
TurkeyJiz190 [11:49 PM]:  why must you behead so many helpless people
BOOMER 1A [11:49 PM]:  im sorry its just a habit
BOOMER 1A [11:49 PM]:  old habits die hard
TurkeyJiz190 [11:49 PM]:  wow
TurkeyJiz190 [11:49 PM]:  ur so right it hurts
TurkeyJiz190 [11:50 PM]:  so u mad u aint on the site
TurkeyJiz190 [11:50 PM]:  i kno u are
BOOMER 1A [11:50 PM]:  i dont have th link nemore
TurkeyJiz190 [11:50 PM]:  what the fuck
TurkeyJiz190 [11:50 PM]:  its FOUR letters
BOOMER 1A [11:50 PM]:  oh
TurkeyJiz190 [11:50 PM]:  WWND>COM
TurkeyJiz190 [11:51 PM]:  tard
TurkeyJiz190 [11:51 PM]:  im the head of communist realitions too now
TurkeyJiz190 [11:51 PM]:  so take that
TurkeyJiz190 [11:52 PM]:  wheres our english final
BOOMER 1A [11:52 PM]:  whats my name in it?
BOOMER 1A [11:52 PM]:  Media Center
TurkeyJiz190 [11:52 PM]:  no its sliky johnson not media center
TurkeyJiz190 [11:52 PM]:  although media center could work.....
BOOMER 1A [11:52 PM]:  my name aint on the site
TurkeyJiz190 [11:52 PM]:  i kno
BOOMER 1A [11:53 PM]:  no the test is in the media center dipshit
TurkeyJiz190 [11:53 PM]:  although if its communist media
BOOMER 1A [11:53 PM]:  y isnt on the site?
TurkeyJiz190 [11:53 PM]:  the leader wants u prove urself
BOOMER 1A [11:53 PM]:  how?
TurkeyJiz190 [11:53 PM]:  kill seven capitalist vigrins and bath in thier blood
TurkeyJiz190 [11:53 PM]:  just tell me when ur done
TurkeyJiz190 [11:53 PM]:  ill wait
BOOMER 1A [11:54 PM]:  i did that like 10 minutes ago
TurkeyJiz190 [11:54 PM]:  oh ok
TurkeyJiz190 [11:54 PM]:  like u said old habits die hard
BOOMER 1A [11:54 PM]:  i do that every night
TurkeyJiz190 [11:54 PM]:  good keep that up
BOOMER 1A [11:54 PM]:  i will
TurkeyJiz190 [11:55 PM]:  so hows ur mom still sore
BOOMER 1A [11:55 PM]:  yup
TurkeyJiz190 [11:55 PM]:  well if her twat was communist it would be eqaul to the magic in my pantolones
TurkeyJiz190 [11:56 PM]:  capitalist whore
BOOMER 1A [11:56 PM]:  lol
TurkeyJiz190 [11:56 PM]:  YA I SAID IT
BOOMER 1A [11:56 PM]:  ok
TurkeyJiz190 [11:56 PM]:  well i typed it
BOOMER 1A [11:56 PM]:  but from what i heard Yusuf has a bigger dick then u
BOOMER 1A [11:57 PM]:  so maybe ur name Big D is an oxymoron
TurkeyJiz190 [11:57 PM]:  yuffef is a fuckin neo nazi terrorist
BOOMER 1A [11:57 PM]:  lol
BOOMER 1A [11:57 PM]:  true
TurkeyJiz190 [11:58 PM]:  u think a pact would mean sumthin........
BOOMER 1A [11:58 PM]:  i know
TurkeyJiz190 [11:58 PM]:  fuck hitler
BOOMER 1A [11:58 PM]:  true
TurkeyJiz190 [11:58 PM]:  he had such a shitty mustache compared to stalin
TurkeyJiz190 [11:58 PM]:  what a bitch
BOOMER 1A [11:58 PM]:  lol true
TurkeyJiz190 [11:59 PM]:  ya so ne way im gonna try to get THE NICK to post ur name tonite
BOOMER 1A [11:59 PM]:  ok
TurkeyJiz190 [11:59 PM]:  but the chance of that are ........zero
TurkeyJiz190 [12:00 AM]:  im sorry silky johnson
TurkeyJiz190 [12:00 AM]:  ima call u the silkster for short
BOOMER 1A [12:00 AM]:  ok agent eze
BOOMER 1A [12:00 AM]:  ok
TurkeyJiz190 [12:00 AM]:  oh yes
TurkeyJiz190 [12:01 AM]:  ya know what we should do
BOOMER 1A [12:01 AM]:  what
TurkeyJiz190 [12:02 AM]:  kill everyone whos not a communist
BOOMER 1A [12:02 AM]:  true
TurkeyJiz190 [12:02 AM]:  ya lets start with that god damn country of liechenstein
BOOMER 1A [12:02 AM]:  where the hell is that?
TurkeyJiz190 [12:02 AM]:  oh those fuckers piss me off
TurkeyJiz190 [12:03 AM]:  its in the asshole of the world
BOOMER 1A [12:03 AM]:  oh
TurkeyJiz190 [12:03 AM]:  fuckin cock faced fuckers
BOOMER 1A [12:03 AM]:  ok
BOOMER 1A [12:03 AM]:  did u ever consider getting mental help?
TurkeyJiz190 [12:03 AM]:  hahah
TurkeyJiz190 [12:03 AM]:  dude im just spreadin propaganda
TurkeyJiz190 [12:03 AM]:  nothin wrong with that
TurkeyJiz190 [12:04 AM]:  i have to attempt to brainwash you
TurkeyJiz190 [12:04 AM]:  its just not workin
BOOMER 1A [12:04 AM]:  ok
TurkeyJiz190 [12:04 AM]:  ya know what im gonna
do, im gonna fly a fuckin plane into ur house
TurkeyJiz190 [12:05 AM]:  me and yussef
BOOMER 1A [12:05 AM]:  lol
TurkeyJiz190 [12:05 AM]:  ill be killin a nazi and a traitor
BOOMER 1A [12:06 AM]:  whose the nazi and whose the traitor?
TurkeyJiz190 [12:06 AM]:  yussef is the nazi and ur the traitor
BOOMER 1A [12:06 AM]:  how am i the traitor?
TurkeyJiz190 [12:06 AM]:  you dont hate liechenstien
BOOMER 1A [12:07 AM]:  i never heard of it
TurkeyJiz190 [12:07 AM]:  they are the number 1 enemy of the ND in my eyes
BOOMER 1A [12:07 AM]:  oh ok
BOOMER 1A [12:07 AM]:  then i hate them 2
TurkeyJiz190 [12:07 AM]:  yes
TurkeyJiz190 [12:07 AM]:  oh yes