Special message to Devon Townshend:

Hey dude theres a phone in your ass!

THiS Page engineered buy THE webnancy himself...LOOSEcANNOn.  Bitch here

Vegetarian beef jerky ??!!! DAAAH!!

The Founder 




WWND Industries Founder Announcements
Feb 25 - Ok well my gawd, its that time of year already. I cant believe it came so soon. SEX. now what has it been. I cant believe it.(if this makes no sense, good)
MONKEYS. WAHOO MIDGETS. i love it . OHH can i be punk too? cool, so ill i have to do is liten to blink 182 and limp bisket  to be punk? FUCK Off you pussies. i hope you all die. KILL THE HIPPIES. I hate you all. Talking Bananas. When im president of the us all hippies and people who piss me off will die or have to join the navy.

May 29 - I bought the machine that goes ping, i am god in my own little world, and if you dont like my world you will be crucified, hung, and stabbed
July 24th-  Due to the bad economy, What would nick do industries is hiring. DEAD OR ALIVE. The founder has started a new top-secret project...The crazy ladder project! DUN DUH DUN! PBBBT! cuckoo, oh yes...did i say we're hiring? The qualifications are: That the ladder, has to be crazy...and make no sense. Oh yes, jennifer, back to the ladder...Male or female...thats it. 
Holy fucking shit! the last time i did this was may 29th...alrighty then. shit. fuck. dammit. squirrel. hee hee! [founder is running] where are my pills? i know. i think that fucking chipmunk's got 'em. now he's going to go bust a nut in his hole. grr? the founders theories about the current state of the economy: is that if the govt. stopped harassing us so much about certain "policies" that WWND Industries would single-handedly be able to bring this great nation...out of this bad economic sector. behind every great...man...there is a woman. and i'm glad, that i have lillian..because frankly, i like the shade....
jan 14 - founder adds pic.