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Car Divisions

SVT1- Stabbin Vehicles Team - known for their reckless disregard of speed limits and the ability to get bitches. this team also likes the buttsex. 3 pieces of transportation are in this team, the KYSVT, SVTT, and the SVTB. all these vehicles are dead sexy and help the bitches forget who is driving them. The founder personally likes the SVTB for the motor in that.


SVT "Lubed up and ready to go"

SVT "Easing in our dipsticks, one inch at a time."

SVT "Cause buttsex is good for a change"

SVT "Cause slutty Bitches make the world go Bumpen  round"

SVT "Iron Fist"- Stalin vehicles team - the Stalin vehicles team is a special team led by Stalin himself but every member of The ND must participate. The Stalin vehicles team purpose is to spread communist propaganda and crushing the competition with a iron fist. Domination and control is the way of the Stalin. vehicles are BIG RED, Boomer, and race snark.

TEAM BerZerker - crush, kill, destroy, eat cookie dough, and fuzzy dice. This team sole purpose is to come at you like a BerZerker. Confuse, bewilder, and leave you for dead sitting in a pool of your own urine. After we pass you, you will never be the same. This team used in blitzkrieg corporate takeovers. Vehicles are alicia, g(ay) ryde, jamie, commiescort, the blazer, and others.

New divisions and descriptions -

Demolitions and War Plans Department;

Description - Tests, assembles, and processes non-nuclear and nuclear munitions.  Prepares munitions for use in violent corporate takeovers.  Checks safe and arm mechanisms.  Installs warheads, guidance units, fuses, arming wires, explosive bolts, squibs, strakes, wings, fins, control surfaces, butt lube and tracking flares. Blows up stuff for the hell of it and for amusement of the nd staff. Develop plans against people engaged in Anti-WWND Industries sentiment. Beat them with bats and other blunt objects until they piss blood then attach small nuclear explosives to there nuts and activates them, then engage in heavy drinking and mockery of the Cheese Eating Surrender Monkeys (aka french), Canadian, and Germans. Basically kills everything that don't support The ND.