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WWND Industries Founder Announcements
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Feb 25 - Ok well my gawd, its that time of year already. I cant believe it came so soon. SEX. now what has it been. I cant believe it.(if this makes no sense, good)
MONKEYS. WAHOO MIDGETS. i love it . OHH can i be punk too? cool, so ill i have to do is liten to blink 182 and limp bisket  to be punk? FUCK Off you pussies. i hope you all die. KILL THE HIPPIES. I hate you all. Talking Bananas. When im president of the us all hippies and people who piss me off will die or have to join the navy.

May 29 - I bought the machine that goes ping, i am god in my own little world, and if you dont like my world you will be crucified, hung, and stabbed
July 24th-  Due to the bad economy, What would nick do industries is hiring. DEAD OR ALIVE. The founder has started a new top-secret project...The crazy ladder project! DUN DUH DUN! PBBBT! cuckoo, oh yes...did i say we're hiring? The qualifications are: That the ladder, has to be crazy...and make no sense. Oh yes, jennifer, back to the ladder...Male or female...thats it. 
Holy fucking shit! the last time i did this was may 29th...alrighty then. shit. fuck. dammit. squirrel. hee hee! [founder is running] where are my pills? i know. i think that fucking chipmunk's got 'em. now he's going to go bust a nut in his hole. grr? the founders theories about the current state of the economy: is that if the govt. stopped harassing us so much about certain "policies" that WWND Industries would single-handedly be able to bring this great nation...out of this bad economic sector. behind every great...man...there is a woman. and i'm glad, that i have lillian..because frankly, i like the shade....
feb 11 2002 - well today the nick was walking around the headquarters and realized that morale was still down......... so he has announced that the beatings will continue till morale improves. that is all.
feb 19 2002 - due to myy lack of funnies im am leaving for a vacation, well man , i just thought of miss fancy pants tits, ok i gotta go do my secretary cause i got one now, so i feel important. all nakamichi, what ould i be without you, problally nothing, wait i am nothing, fuck, well im ......... dammmit.
may 9 2002 - Spring is always a time of Fear and Greed and Hoarding for the summer coming on.  Debt collectors are active on old people and fleece the weak and helpless.  They want to lay in enough cash to weather the known horrors of June and July.  There is always a rash of kidnapping and abductions of school children in the baseball months.  Pre-teens of both sexes are traditionally seized and grabbed off the streets by gangs of organized Perverts. so prepare yourself for these upcoming months by arming yourself to the teeth.
june 2 2002 -Titie bars are the Safe haven for the Modern American male, were else can you sit back with your drink of choice and stare at real live tites with no consequence other than blowing a couple of bucks, no bitching, dealing with there personal bullshit, just sitting there and admiring there bodies. What better way to unwind from a long day than with a Budweiser and a naked woman who is look for nothing more than your money. a depressant and a woman who is only interested in getting a couple of buck of you for being a pig is the only way to unwind. remember that kids. blah dammit monkeys.

march 21 2003 - hello all i decided to change that picture on the top, so how have you been, i have been good "FUCK YOU" god hates me , yes i hate me , ahhhh fucken dammit i need to get laid .............. fuck you all!!!!!!!

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