Special Message to Zombies: 


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Stupidity should not be championed.






Today the WWND is PROUD to announce its secret plot to take over hot-or-not! Yes, the WWND, as usual, is the only one with the presence of mind, fortitude, and total lack of something better to do come up with the twisted plot of overthrowing HOTORNOT.COM! How does it work? Simple. (we tend to keep them that way for obvious reasons [founder: what?])

1. We get as many of you freaks (YES, FREAKS! FREAKS I TELL YOU!!!!) [sorry, i sometimes get carried away...] to take pictures of yourself and/or your friends holding up a sign that says WWW.DOOMSPROCKET.COM/WWND, or you could even write it on yourself or hell, you can even edit it in later like this poor sap:

(yes, that IS the founder. caught the little bastard off guard with that one!)

2. You post the damn photos on hot or not you freak! THIS PLAN IS GENIUS! GENIUS I TELL YOU!


This plan has come hatched from the recent acknowledgement of certain members of the WWND staff that hotornot is fiendishly addictive. if we get enough of you idiots doing this then everyone will be coming here!! Nothing like free publicity folks, and frankly, it doesnt get any more free than this.


What you want something in exchange? oh fine fine, you uncaring selfish bastard, if you post send us a link and at some point your name and those of all other fools, i mean WWND supporters will be listed on the site along with a link and your final rating on the site. Hell, we'll even get doomsprocket.com together on this one and force them to list you with a witty comment and try to influence their viewers to vote you a 10 on principle alone. Remember, no one understands you like we do and if you are truly worth that 10 and willing to subject yourself shamefully on hot or not we will be taking addresses and making house calls! NOW SCAT! on to photo taking my minions! oh and see doomsprocket and find pics labeled "shameless" for what we mean..


the results are unanimous! lOOSEcANNON is sexy! The plan is working! must continue world domination! BWAAAAAAAAAAAAA!

More examples below!!:
(yea i know its not that exciting, shutup)


[Targeted marketing. Ahem...]

[I dont have time for photo shoots! I've a company to run!]


[For the ladies. Ahem.]