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What's that you say about 

THiS Page engineered buy THE webnancy himself...LOOSEcANNOn.  Bitch here

But rubber pants??! Where would the children live??





Welcome to the newly formed and highly secretive jobs section of the WWND. Yes we are hiring, and while generally we just kinda go "YOU! You will work for the ND!" and give you some random title we decided to also let people willingly work for us.  No, now the ND has a page all its own for people we are specifically looking for to fill jobs we think we might need people to do. For instance the founder had this great idea the other day for some broads to....i mean, uh...never mind. On to the listings!!


Description:  The WWND GIRL will be responsible for allowing pictures to be taken of HER [we note applicant MUST actually be female. So quiet your damn ideas of putting on a bra and taking pics right now captain] in various places and states [for instance, the state  i live in; denial] wearing or holding up items that say 'WWND'. Involvement, if desired, in T-shirt designs [requiring prior founder approval before fabrication] and procurement [most likely reimbursed at least mostly] or said designs IN THE FLESH! Or, cloth. Yea that works too.
Anyways, the ND is looking for a female model to be our mascot, silent spokes girl, et al. Please note images may be modified in order to create false celebrity images and distribution in advertisement and *other* uses is likely.
Terms of hiring is listed on seperate page.

Description: The ND is looking for several units to go about online and in real life promoting the WWND. Make people go to the site at all costs is the basic line. Convince them somehow. Post the link in forums and chartrooms. Tell them its great. Right it on a plain white shirt in big black letters and go walk around public places if your female or just that special. [note that tight shirts=most effective.]
[oh also breasts help.]
email to do this.

The ND would like to hire mikefuck. your abilities suit you well to ex-communicated squad duties. Normally the ex-squad leader would make this decision, but i felt personal intervention due to his total ineptness was in order. Specifically, we want you to take that video camera you fucking borrowed 4 months ago and get someone [preferable someone who knows how to point a camera at you and get some of the background too] to film you going to various supermarkets hassling the lobsters vocally. Still images would work too.
Let us know.

TheNickayeen (formally called THE NICK'S PSYCHOTIC MINION SQUAD)
Description: Must be insane with an insatiable lust for killing. Or at least throwing Molotov's at lab rats. basically you will be The Nick's personal web promoter division and mass destruction and chaos promoter division ....... and other random tasks.  boobs boobs boobs


description : self explanatory                                                                    


Want a unlisted position? Think you can work well for the ND? Good, we always need new victims. I MEAN....uh....Applications will be online soon!

Wait! The application is now available! [ug..ist crappy]