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So here is the details on this wondrous contest we have unfolded. The ND is holding open submission for all female applicants under the age of....35? willing to be filmed wearing WWND apparel and in various situations showing the infinite superiority of the ND. We are looking for as many people as possible to submit on this, and then, yes THEN! MUWAHAHHA! This will work perfectly! MUWAAHHAHAH! er.....right. So anyways then the mighty WWND viewers will VOTE [yes we said vote. but dont get used to this, we still prefer communist cola!] on who will become the WWND GIRL!

Ok, well as of today, the ND has completely abolished the previous specs. As of now, you may just submit any picture. the WWND does not have to be involved in a t-shirt or anything. any  pic you have on your comp or even if you want to mail in and we can scan it will be fine. Hit the contact button and rail up loosecannon for a mailing addy if thats your deal. Digitized is preferred. the voting system will be up as soon we have the entries to motivate lOOSE to actually do it. We hereby also appoint jill aka H.U.H. as headmistress of the judging.

and is if this job didnt just LEND itself to multiple submissions [like from the same person. multiple people submitting should be a given by now dammit.], the ND has graciously decided to award prizes for not only the gawd-touched girl who gets 'elected', but also for the 2 closest runner ups. We even ran these by a woman folks. We swear. Her reply was to make a hastened lower-quality  submission with WWND edited on after the photo session, but admiring her enthusiasm it was accepted. [Well that and the close focus subject matter. The founder liked that.]


So here are the prizes:

WWNDGIRL: $50 gift certificate to Frederick's of Hollywood

Runner-up: $25 gift certificate to Victoria's Secret

Runner-up runner up: $15 gift certificate to Sam Goody or CDNOW or some other equally-pale national music store. If you live in MA/RI or other serviced this is replaced by cert to NEWBURY COMICS.

As a special bonus lOOSEcANNON personally decree's that top 5 will get a official WWND t-shirt for FREE once they are made. 

The contest will run until a clear winner is chosen.

Submit early, submit often! Promote it to ALL your friends and perfect strangers! DO. IT. NOW!.


Oh yes. if you want to submit (and all of you that are female should dammit!) then click here: ___















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