Special Message to the ladies:

If we were a squirrel, would you let us bust a nut in your hole?


THiS Page engineered buy THE webnancy himself...LOOSEcANNOn.  Bitch here

Well, i think we should make love on the front lawn like crazed weasels NOW!

US vs. UK





Please note that Sgt. Rebel is actually a member of the armed services; he is not just referred to as so because he looks so damn good in a uniform. Thankyou...

whatwouldnickdo2 is the rebel, ford is the nick...

Whatwouldnickdo2 : sup dude
Fordputman : hold up
Whatwouldnickdo2 : k
Fordputman : ok dude just dictating shit for a wwnd update
Whatwouldnickdo2 : cool. what are you up to?
Fordputman : and you screwed up again wit the page
Whatwouldnickdo2 : what the fuck? what did I do?
I send those pictures out to you, should be there this week
Fordputman : ok cool. ........ look at what you did
Fordputman : you said it wasnt a buisness
Fordputman : you said we didnt have children working for us for no money
Whatwouldnickdo2 : fuck it dude, I typed the shit at like 0300hrs.
I don't think I can fix this week, I have special weapon training.
Fordputman : i have been trying to fix it for ya but aol is being a bitch
Whatwouldnickdo2 : bitches. I will get on it later on, if I get out early today I will update it... I have some net shit to fix anyway.
I am going to make part of my homepage WWND shit, I am getting on a different host so I have unlimited space, I'll make it up damn cool
Fordputman : but dont be pullen that bs ya been posting
Whatwouldnickdo2 : fine dick... I'll send you a pre-note before I publish it so you can proof it
Fordputman : ok cool
Fordputman : so whats up
Whatwouldnickdo2 : i might be lying about that... depends on what kind of mood I am in... I'll make it cool so that people will think I am a fucking nut
Whatwouldnickdo2 : nothing dude. They pulled me off graveyard shift for this week long special weapons shit... pissed me off like a motherfucker
Fordputman : hey pass the text shit on to me first
Fordputman : ha sucker
Fordputman : ill edit the text and shit
Whatwouldnickdo2 : alright.
Fuck you, I am getting 3 compensation days for it though
Just take what I have on there now and edit it as you want it, I will post it from what you dictated
Fordputman : ok
Whatwouldnickdo2 : so what are we doing when I come home?
Fordputman : sex,
Whatwouldnickdo2 : with eachother or what
Fordputman : YES
Whatwouldnickdo2 : no can do

Fordputman : why
Whatwouldnickdo2 : cause you are better at grudge fucking than you are at having sex
Fordputman : YES i am
Whatwouldnickdo2 : your dick is still funny looking though
Fordputman : ya so it somewhat works
Fordputman : after i dust it
Whatwouldnickdo2 : what the hell do you have to dust it for, I heard you have been jerking off 5-8 times a day since I enlisted
Fordputman : nah to lazy
Fordputman : dammit
Whatwouldnickdo2 : it doesn't take much effort to jerk your fucking cock for 2 minutes. As a matter of fact I am doing it now
Whatwouldnickdo2 : no, not really, I can't back that up
Whatwouldnickdo2 : but I wish I was
Fordputman : OH BABY
Whatwouldnickdo2 : word fatty
Fordputman : go to www.doomsprocket.com/wwnd/
Whatwouldnickdo2 : k
Whatwouldnickdo2 : I only have a couple more minutes, I am going to have to get back to the "place" pretty soon
Fordputman : ok but go sooon bitch
Whatwouldnickdo2 : fuck you fatty... you don't jerk off because you dick is too small... I am going to put that on the WWND Europe page
Fordputman : hey i have to edit the content, and if i don't like , i fire you
Whatwouldnickdo2 : You can't fire me...
1. I am an executive member of Nick and Nick
Whatwouldnickdo2 : 2. I am the Gawd of WWND Europe... this is my terf bitch
Whatwouldnickdo2 : 3. You spelled Midgets wrong in a word from daddy
Whatwouldnickdo2 : ... when something comes about that you don't like instill the phrase
"Hippy Propaganda Bullshit"

Whatwouldnickdo2 : I am going to get out of here... talk to you later spic bitch
Fordputman : ya but the wwnd europe is under wwnd in THE GOOD OUT US OF A , plus there ism only one god in this company, me
Whatwouldnickdo2 : whatever fatty
Fordputman : SO I CAN FIRE YOU
Whatwouldnickdo2 : k... send me that shit so I can update the page
Fordputman : BITCH
Whatwouldnickdo2 signed off at 7:06:14 AM.
Fordputman : HA

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