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  WWND Industries Sexual Harassment Policies

April something - Ok , here is the official sexual harassment memo to all the ND employees 

       Sexual harassment at at WWND industries- sexual harassment is any sexual advances or talking about sex around others who might find it offensive or just don't want to fuck, now i , the nick feel that there isn't enough sexual harassment here at the ND, so the nick is mandating that all employees do there part in increasing the overall sexual harassment at the ND. ok now go fuck someone or at least try to. That is all.

And for all our Spanish speaking members of the ND this is the about statement translated to Spanish by those bastards at dictionary.com, (for some reason i think those bastards are learning spanglish)

          **time-out** sexual harrassment polocies en wwnd industria, sexual harrassment ser cualquier sexual avance o hablar sexo alrededor otro quien poder encontrar él offencive o apenas no desear para coger, ahora i, mella sensación que allí isnt enought sexual hostigamiento aquí en nd, así que mella ser mandateing que todo empleado allí dividir en aumentar total sexual harrassment en nd. autorización ahora ir cogida alguien o por lo menos intentar.

Now, if your reading that in Spanish and say "what the fuck?, that's nothing like what he just said" your right, those bastards have fucked up again, there code breaking material is fallible, and for you non Spanish speaking fucks, this is what it said in Spanish (well whatever i can do, im using there translator again.)

** sexual Time-out ** harrassment polocies in wwnd industry, sexual harrassment to be any sexual advance or to speak sex around other that to be able to find he offencive or just not to wish to take, now i, notches sensation that there isnt enought sexual harassment here in nd, so it notches to be mandating that all employee to divide there in increasing to sexual total harrassment in nd. authorization now to go taken somebody or at least to try.

Now we here in the ND have an open door policy of reporting sexual harassment, see if you want to talk about it, or go over some ideas on how to improve your sexual harassment techniques, or want to report unwanted sexual harassment( and for some crazy idea that you think you wont get fired for violating the company policies, and don't bring up that against the law shit, we are the law mother fucker) you may come to either the founder or loose cannon to talk about it, or demonstrate it, or if you need some sexual harassment, just drop by.

ok just for the fuck of it, i translated the memo to German

**time-out** ** sexuell time-out ** harrassment polocies in wwnd Industrie, sexuell harrassment zu sein irgendein sexuell Fortschritt oder zu sprechen Geschlecht um ander das zu sein fähig zu finden er offencive oder gerade nicht zu wünschen zu nehmen, jetzt i, einkerben Empfindung das dort isnt enought sexuell harassment hier in Nd, so es einkerben zu sein mandateing daß all Angestellt zu teilen dort in erhöhen zu sexuell Gesamt- harrassment in Nd Ermächtigung jetzt zu gehen nehmen jemand oder mindestens zu Versuch.

now to french, (notice : we wont capitalize the f in friench, fucken cheese eating surrender monkeys)

          ** ** ** ** harrassment sexuellement time-out time-out dans wwnd l'industrie, sexuel harrassment être un sexuellement progrès polocies ou parler sexe autour autre être trouver capable il du offencive ou justement pas souhaiter prendre, maintenant i, entaille un sentiment cela sexuellement harassment enought isnt dans un nd, lui entaille là ici ainsi être mandateing que toute la diviser employé augmente là sexuellement total harrassment dans nd autorisation aller maintenant prend quelqu'un ou au moins à une tentative .

now back to English,

           **time-out** ** ** ** ** harassment sexually time-out time-out in WWND the industry, sexual harassment be a sexually progress policies or speak sex around other be find able it some offensive or precisely not wish take, now I, notch a feeling that sexually harassment enough isn't in a Nd, him notch there here thus be mandating that all it divide employ increase there sexually total harassment in Nd authorization outward journey now take somebody or at least with a attempt.


isn't that fun kids, now back to the sexual harassment talk ,ah fuck it, ill just do more translating, that's more fun, oh wait ill give you an example of proper sexual harassment, then translate it to Spanish. here is the original statement

             ok , miss fancy pants, you have some nice tits, man i love to grab them, also you my sexuatary have some nice tits, man i love just staring at them, ok the both of you drop your pants, also you jizzabell, actually if you want to keep your jobs, all of you must get naked, and have some hot lesbian sex right here on my office floor, now come on, i want to see the pooty poo, hey los loco chico, bring up some fruit and veggies for them to play with, man this will be great, now come on and get naked, yea and start feeling each other up, yea do it now or your all fired, yea  

now in Spanish:

                **time-out** autorización, falta de lujo pantalones, usted tener alguno agradable tits, hombre i amor para asir, también usted mi sexuatary tener alguno agradable tits, hombre i amor apenas mirar fijamente en, aceptable ambo usted gota su pantalones, también usted jizzabell, actually si usted desear para guardar su trabajo todos ustedes necesidad conseguir descubierto, y tener alguno caliente lesbiano sexo derecho aquí en mi oficina suelo, ahora venir encendido yo desear para ver pooty poo, hey los loco chico, traer para arriba alguno fruta y veggys para juego con, servir éste ser grande, ahora venir encendido y conseguir descubierto, yea y principio

now back to English

             *time-out** ** Time-out ** authorization, lack of luxury trousers, you have some pleasant tits, man i love to grasp, also you my sexuatary have some pleasant tits, man i love as soon as watch fixed in, acceptable ambo you drop his trousers, also you jizzabell, actually if you wish to keep his work all you necessity obtain discover, and have some hot lesbian sex straight here in my office ground, now come ignition I wish to see pooty poo, hey the crazy person small, bring for above some fruit and veggys for game with, serve this one being great, now come ignition and obtain discover, yea and principle

ok that's  some good translating, miss fancy pants has a new nick name, now that we will call her around the office, lack of luxury trousers. oh yea that is a very good example of sexual harassment, now go sexually harass someone.