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WWND Industries Department of financial Management section

From the nick, CFO

The Nd forecasts a 75% increase in sales, and similar effects for its accounts receivable  (200 billion), inventory (a whole fucken lot, something like 20 billion give or take), and accounts payable and accruals (350 billion), all other financial statements will remain not disclosed to the public, and the Nd will pay out all earnings to shareholders as dividends. What is the Nd's Additional funds needed or AFN?

Now quiz time , you figure out what our AFN is. If you do find the answer, mail me and tell me what the fuck i just said.

Extra credit : Does the information change with the price of the yen?

WWND Industries secret marketing strategy section 

 well first {{{ Editing for content by The Nick}}}

WWND Industries Stock Holders section

1-New Money saving measures taken - The Nick has announed he has devloped a new budjet that cuts cost to almost nothing, so that mean all profit dumbasses. then The Nick said ,"just fucking wit ya"

2- The quartery Reports shows that we had a growth in buisness of 10% but a decline in sales of 10% , so i guess were back at zero.

3- WWND Industries stock now for sale for FREE, yes Free you fuckers, unlike most companies, we give you stock for free with a purchase of one of our products
4- The nd is performing better than all the companies out there during this economic downturn. So HA, HA Ha, suckers.


The power of the nick...the impossible just seems to inexpliably happen...

witness this and realize WHY you need to INVEST RIGHT NOW.







































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