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WWND Industries First Magazine Interview

May 30, 2001 - Raynham Office - This is a clip from the interview THE NICK had with TIME magazine

Jim - the interviewer
TN - The Nick

Jim -  the nick, your a man of great respect and fear to lots of people how does that feel?
TN - well jim , it feels fucken great, and about that respect part, i dont think so buddy, the fear, i agree with you, bob, cause you know scott, when your as powerful as me, people repect you from fear, actually thats is .... hold on......never mind she is too young.
jim -  huh?
TN- on with the interview, jackass, or do ya wanna die, cracker?
Jim- whatever, so during this economic slump, wwnd industries has come out on top, how do you explain this?
TN - well i usually explain this in very complex gibberish and a series of sign language that no one understands then write it all down on paper blessed by the pope with invisible ink then feed it to my invisible dog , then pick up the invisible dodo and  feed it to a gray parrot that flies away and then the parrot gets eaten by a bald eagle, the i shoot the bald eagle and put its corps in the fire of Satan.
Jim - no i mean , explain why you havent taken a financial hit from this economic slum.
TN - cause we ducked, just kidding tony, no its because we have products and services that people need whether the economy is good or bad, whether they have money or not.
Jim - what is this product and services?
TN - you ask to many questions about us, what about yourself, do you like a good whipping every once and a while, cause you look the type, brian.
JIM - what?
TN - you hear me Jennifer, now answer the question, do you know where the holy grail is?
Jim - Huh?